Chase’s Chase

Utley Subtitle: Uterley Amazing!

I have to comment on this now. As a baseball fan in general, you gotta love this guy. Chase Utley hit in his 33rd consecutive game tonight! This is truly outstanding. If his streak ended right now, he could be really proud to add that to his already all-star year. That number ties him for 17th place in all-time hitting streaks. But that doesn’t really tell you how great this is. In the 2000’s, only ONE other guy has had a longer streak. In 2002, Luis Castillo did it for 35 games with The Marlins, which placed him in a tie for 10th, with a guy named Ty Cobb, way back in 1917. Cobb also had a 40 game streak in 1911. in 2003 Albert Pujols went for 30 games, making Chase only the third player in this century to go 30 games or more.

Only 6 players EVER went past 40 games, with number two, Willie Keeler with 44 for Baltimore back in 1897. Of course, the gauntlet was set by The Yankee Clipper, Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio with 56 in 1941. Some people say that is the one record in baseball that will never be broken. I disagree, to the extent that I don’t think it is IMPOSSIBLE. I do think it is highly unlikely. And I don’t feel that way for the fact he was a Yankee. It’s just an AMAZING FEAT. The only record in baseball I say is IMPOSSIBLE to beat is complete games pitched, by of course Cy(clone) Young with 749 COMPLETE GAMES. For a Pitcher to BEAT that, he would have to Start in 30 games a year, for 25 years, and complete ALL THOSE GAMES. I just don’t see that being possible, ever. Oh yeah, Cy (Denton True Young) also had 511 WINS. I think that record is pretty safe too. but I am getting way off subject here. This is why I failed English all the time.

But nobody is chasing 13th place, or 10th. A NICE number to make would be 40, I mean, to be one of only 7 players EVER to do it for 40 games straight would be phenomenal! But nobody is chasing (the tie for) 6th place either. Anyone who is on a hitting streak has one number in mind.
57 is the magic number Chase is Chasing, and everyone else in the Majors who gets up into the high 20s. They start thinking about it at 27 games or so. The writers start talking about it big time at around the same point. By the point Chase is at, Fans everywhere are watching, waiting, every game, to see if he keeps it alive. Every at-bat at every next game is a nail biter for the batter and his Family, and his team, and his fans. And for the Pitcher who is dealing! He wants to be the one to END his roll. But unless the batter in question is hitting against YOUR team, you are rooting against the Pitcher. Even if he IS going against YOUR team, something deep inside is saying, well, let him get a hit, just not something that wins the game!

This is what every player dreams of from little league on up. Chase is now living that dream, feeling that rush, dealing with that pressure. I for one, wish him all the luck in the world. I’d like to see him get to 57! Not because I wanna see Joe’s record broken. That would actually upset me in many ways too. BUT, to SEE it done, in MY lifetime (My father wasn’t even born yet when DiMaggio did it) would be AWESOME. It would be worth that Yankee record going to another club. Besides, everyone knows Jeter, or maybe even Cano, will eventually make the 60 mark. 🙂

Good Luck Chase, and anyone else who comes close!

Other MLB Honerable Mention today: Tiger Carlos Guillen hit for the cycle tonight!



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