3 up and 3 down

As in, The Yanks are 3 games up in 1st place, or the Red Sox are three games down. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. The Yanks are lucky the Red Sox got swept, while the White Sox had their way with them. It’s not like there were any blowout games. All three of the Games in the windy city could have gone either way.

I had written a long post on the rubber game that somehow got lost during the publishing process. This really upset me. I had put a lot of time in it. Mostly it was about Randy Johnson. But now I have had more time to think about it. I don’t know WHAT to do with this guy! Good thing it isn’t up to me, huh? I think it just comes down to age. Sometimes he’s got it, and sometimes he don’t. When he does, he is awesome, when he doesn’t, it’s REALLY bad. So what will Joe do come September or in the playoffs??? He should not be #1, I have said that before. Moose, then Wang, then Johnson. That should work OK for September. But come playoffs, I just don’t know if we want him in AT ALL! OK, here come all the "With that salary?", "He’s a post-season veteran!", "It’s Randy #*@*^ Johnson!" replies. Yeah, I know that. I supported the Johnson trade when it happened to, hoping we would get "the old Randy", not the OLD Randy. We can’t afford to give away games in playoffs. But Randy may be a great PEN pitcher for the playoffs! "huh?" Yeah, I said it. Why not? **** lets face it; the guy has a real temper. He might get so pissed off that he comes out and shells every batter he faces. Warning to camera men: keep cameras out of Randy’s face during this time period.

Someone please play catch with A-Rod.

Kudos to the new guys! Abreu finally got a homer, and has been a great addition to the team thus far. So has Wilson! Lidle has still only had the one start, we will see how he does tonight against the Angels. Good Luck Corey!

Robbie Cano: WELCOME BACK! You wouldn’t know he was ever injured from his swing. Since his return, he has gone 5 for 9, and his defense has been good to great. Had to love that over-the-shoulder Jeter/Mantle style basket catch.

It was a big relief (could that be Randy’s new name?) to see Johnny Damon and Jason Giambi both back in the game. I was worried we were going to lose one or both of them for a few games, glad they were mild injuries.

That’s all for now. What do you expet before 5 AM? 🙂




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