It’s ok

It’s OK, really! I am not happy, don’t get me wrong. I wanted to be done with the ALDS on Friday! And we SHOULD have swept them. But, like I said, it’s OK. Verlander was the one pitcher I thought could slow down the bats, and he did. Aside from Johnny Damon, he ruled the Yanks. Well, Matsui got 3 hits, which gave us one of the runs. A-Rod missed a big opportunity to redeem himself with the bases loaded and 2 outs. But Verlander should get more credit for the K, then A-Rod should be condemned for it. The Yanks threw away opportunities throughout the game. Including the last up, Johnny Damon, with Melky pinch running off Matsui’s last hit on 1st.

Has anyone ever heard the best defense against great hitting is great pitching? Well that’s what happened today. Verlander is the man today, and deserves all the credit. The Yanks had a great inning (the 4th) and 8 poor innings of offense.

Mike Mussina pitched OK, I can’t say he was bad at all. Normally, 4 runs would be just fine when you consider the Yanks average nearly 7 runs a game. Which brings me to Brian Bruney. His inning may well have been the brightest spot of the afternoon for Yankee fans, at least after the 4th inning. Struck out the 1st two batters, and fielded the 3rd batters shot to throw him out at 1st. 1-2-3, nice and fast and efficient. He looked great!

OK, so on to Motor City for the Big Unit Friday Night. I still don’t know how I feel about him pitching Friday. OK, that’s not true. I’d rather he did NOT pitch Friday. I think we can do better without him! If he pitches, we will probably need 8 or 9 runs to win… I hope I am completely wrong. I hope his back is better, and he is the Randy of…. well the Randy that is GOOD would be fine. He doesn’t have to throw a shutout, but he can’t be giving up homers like hot dog vendors.

So the series is tied at 1. Nothing is surprising in this ALDS so far, for any of the teams. The Yanks were the only home team that didn’t lose Tuesday! We must move on, we are champions. We will move on, and we will conquer, of this I have no doubt. But I still did not want to lose today!!! This is too good of a team to have the offense shutdown. Did I mention Verlander deserves some credit here? I think we lucked out not having him in game 1, since he probably won’t be available for game 5 if needed.

We face Kenny Rogers on Friday. Too bad he wasn’t pitching in the boogie down, we know how that works for him! But lets face it, he has 17 wins this season, and a nice ERA @ 3.84. On paper he looks better than most of our staff. He’s got more wins than Moose, and certainly a better ERA than the big unit. If stats do make predictions, this should end with the Yanks winning 7-4. Again, lets pray for The good unit to show up.

Till next time,






    Hey, as a die hard Mets fan, think about having an important game like these are hanging in the balance on a guy like Trachsel. Your Big Unit is like our “Cure for Insomnia” Trachsel. Yeah, he has a great record but the runs behind him have been huge. Bring him down to a 1 or 2 run offense by the Mets and Trachsel pales. So I feel your trepidation on the Big Unit. With Randy and Trachsel, it is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you are gonna get..!! Good luck and I have faith in the Yankees – the team is awesome.


    I’ve been a Yankee Fan all my life, although I am saddened that my beloved didn’t make it I still love them. I guess as evry New Yorker this year with the Mets and the Yankees both playing in the playoff we were all hoping for another Subway Series.But it didn’t happen so what went wrong. They won game 1 Derek Jeter had the best game and did all he could during the Division series. But where were the other bats. Randy Johnson gave them a good pitched game in Game 3 I think but the Yankees could put some point on the board for him and the team. And then we have Game 4 I’m a true Yankees fan but my heart wasn’t in it to see them just lose like that I’m sorry but I would of like them to see tehm give the Tigers a run for tehir money at least. The thing that I noticed that every playoff season Arod seems to go into a slump he does well during the regular season but during the time he has been on pinstripes and the Yankees has been in the Playoffs he has not done well at the plate. Many of the Yankees are badly hurt this season maybe the whole team needs a little surgery. As one of them said it’s not the managers fault it’s the teams fault why they their season ended so soon.I’m a Yankee fan and I’m willing to wait and die with them another year for a championship for the Yankees are the still the greatest baseball team ever and I love them and gonna keep loving them. So for now we’ll just have to see how the Mets we’ll do hope they can keep New York Happy.


    Well, I was hoping for a Dodger Yankee World Series. I guess we have to wait for 2007 right? Yea, the Bums are #1; them yanks are loosers!

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