About yanks

I will enter more here when I have some time
to do it right. With a baby on the way (any day, any
minute???) it’s tough. Today is also our baby Elissa’s 1st
Birthday! I just put her down for a nap, so I got a few
minutes… I am a native New Yorker, born right near Yankee
Stadium at Yonkers Professional Hospital. My first home was
an apartment in Da Bronx. My family moved to Westchester when
I was still young, then I moved back to the city (Manhattan)
when I was 19. Life changed, jobs changed, etc. I ended up
moving to New Jersey (via Ft. Lauderdale FL) because my Ex’s
family lived there. I have been in NJ ever since (about 15
years now, out of 42). I am re-married to a beutiful Wife who
I will love more than the Yankees, for the rest of my life. I
have (as mentioned) a new baby on the way, who will be named
Tommy John! He will make it SEVEN between us. Two from my 1st
marriage, two from our marriage, and she had 3 when we met.
There are no step kids or half brothers/sisters in our home
though!!! We are all one family, although when all together,
it is tough to fit in one vehicle! Unfortunatly there aren’t
many times we can get EVERYONE together. Ranging in age from
1-17 at present, it’s tough, and they don’t all live with us
year round. But we have our hands full, and soon to be much
fuller. I am a die-hard, devout Yankee Fan from birth. My
family lived and died Yankees, even in the thin years. My
Father used to hang out with several of the players in the
Orangeburg Pub years back, not far from Thurman Munsons House
in Norwood. So as a kid, I got to meet many of the mid 70s
team members! Imagine walking into a place at 12 years old
and seeing Sparky Lyle, Munson, Catfish Hunter, etc…. I was
astonished, THANKS DAD! So, I decided it was time to do a
blog, since I had already decided to make a Yankees tribute
page on my personal website. I will just link the two
together. Thats all for right now, more later! John (Spags)


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