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It’s ok

It’s OK, really! I am not happy, don’t get me wrong. I wanted to be done with the ALDS on Friday! And we SHOULD have swept them. But, like I said, it’s OK. Verlander was the one pitcher I thought could slow down the bats, and he did. Aside from Johnny Damon, he ruled the Yanks. Well, Matsui got 3 hits, which gave us one of the runs. A-Rod missed a big opportunity to redeem himself with the bases loaded and 2 outs. But Verlander should get more credit for the K, then A-Rod should be condemned for it. The Yanks threw away opportunities throughout the game. Including the last up, Johnny Damon, with Melky pinch running off Matsui’s last hit on 1st.

Has anyone ever heard the best defense against great hitting is great pitching? Well that’s what happened today. Verlander is the man today, and deserves all the credit. The Yanks had a great inning (the 4th) and 8 poor innings of offense.

Mike Mussina pitched OK, I can’t say he was bad at all. Normally, 4 runs would be just fine when you consider the Yanks average nearly 7 runs a game. Which brings me to Brian Bruney. His inning may well have been the brightest spot of the afternoon for Yankee fans, at least after the 4th inning. Struck out the 1st two batters, and fielded the 3rd batters shot to throw him out at 1st. 1-2-3, nice and fast and efficient. He looked great!

OK, so on to Motor City for the Big Unit Friday Night. I still don’t know how I feel about him pitching Friday. OK, that’s not true. I’d rather he did NOT pitch Friday. I think we can do better without him! If he pitches, we will probably need 8 or 9 runs to win… I hope I am completely wrong. I hope his back is better, and he is the Randy of…. well the Randy that is GOOD would be fine. He doesn’t have to throw a shutout, but he can’t be giving up homers like hot dog vendors.

So the series is tied at 1. Nothing is surprising in this ALDS so far, for any of the teams. The Yanks were the only home team that didn’t lose Tuesday! We must move on, we are champions. We will move on, and we will conquer, of this I have no doubt. But I still did not want to lose today!!! This is too good of a team to have the offense shutdown. Did I mention Verlander deserves some credit here? I think we lucked out not having him in game 1, since he probably won’t be available for game 5 if needed.

We face Kenny Rogers on Friday. Too bad he wasn’t pitching in the boogie down, we know how that works for him! But lets face it, he has 17 wins this season, and a nice ERA @ 3.84. On paper he looks better than most of our staff. He’s got more wins than Moose, and certainly a better ERA than the big unit. If stats do make predictions, this should end with the Yanks winning 7-4. Again, lets pray for The good unit to show up.

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Toronto @ Yankees 8/1/06

Abreu_pinstripped_2_2 Firstly just for fun, take a look at the video of Abreu taking BP here from Yes. He found the bullpen without a problem.

This post will be updated through the game, live.

Jaret Wrong takes the mound tonight. I will be happy if he leaves with more than 5 innings AND the Yankees still IN the game. I hate to be so harsh on the guy, but he has got to start burning some innings! He must see the writing on the wall with Lidle. Hopefully that pressure will make him improve. Wright has a 10.75 ERA against Toronto!!!

1st Inning: We got out of the top of the 1st with only one hit, a double by Catalanotto. They stranded him on third thankfully. Burnett gets a 1-2-3 to finish the 1st inning.

2nd Inning: Wright walks Overbay, and then drills Hill. Then w/2 outs, McDonald smacks a dub to score Overbay. 1-0 Jays. Reed Johnson JUST misses a Homerun. Thankfully it was just a loud strike. Will Jaret make it past the 3rd? He’s been out there forever in this heat, and not fairing well. Abreu records the third out.
For the Yanks, A-Rod strikes out looking… (Boos)…. ABREU IS UP! And back to the dugout.. NICE HUSTLE on a little dinker, he almost made it! In the end, ANOTHER 1-2-3 for AJ Burnett. He’s got good stuff.

3rd inning: NICE catch by Damon to get Catalanotto out. Wells pops up to Miggy. K for Wright! Glaus swings at 3. Finally a 1-2-3 for us!
Bernie lines out. Melky out on a broken bat to Hill. Cairo Doubles! Nice shot to the right corner. JD is up with Cairo ready to come home on 2 outs. Called 3rd strike with Johnny watchin…

4th Inning: Overbay flies out. Hinske hits a rope to center for a hit. Zaun strikes out looking, another K for Wright. But over 80 pitches, only in the 4th inning… This is why he never gets past 5 innings. Hill lines one to Center, moves Hinske to 3rd. McDonald is up. Over 85 pitches now, they already called the bullpen… McDonald grounds out to Jeter, who will lead off.
Jeter walks. Then steals 2nd. That’s #22 for #2, and caught only 2X. I gotta play 2222 tomorrow! The Giambino swats one to right, moves Jeter to 3rd. 1st and 3rd, no outs for A-Rod. Now would be a good redemption time Alex!!! Yes! A-Rod doubles with a nice shot to the right corner and brings home Jeets on the 3-0. Runners at 2nd and 3rd, ABREU up. Lets go Bobby!!! Abreu pulls pitch #8 from AJ for the 3-2. on TEN pitches, Abreu walks. THAT is what his strength is, even when he doesnt hit. Its an arguable check swing, the second for that at-bat, but it was called ball 4 regardless. posada up with the bases loaded. He hits .312 with bases loaded and has 12 Grand Slams! OUCH, struck out. Nice job AJ. BUT, we still got 2 outs to go as Bernie steps up. YES! DOUBLE By Bernie Williams to drive in everybody, 4-1 Yankees! THAT double TIES Bernie with Don Matingly for 2nd on the all-time list of Yankees, only behind the Iron Horse, Lou Gehrig. Congrats Bernie! Melky Cabrera flies out. Boy did Jaret need an inning like this. AJ  should be getting tired now. Abreu’s at-bat got the Yanks an extra run, and a very tired opposing pitcher. That’s more valuable than a solo homer on the 1st pitch. Cairo grounds out to third, end of a LOOONGinning.

5th Inning: Reed johnson leads off, and singles. Catalanotto hits into a 4-6-3 DP. Wells Ks for out #3. Michael Kay was saying earlier "why doesn’t Jaret Wright uses his fastball more often?". Which makes me ask, well, the same thing! I think it’s his best pitch, and at 95, nothing to laught at.
Top of the order for the Yanks. AJ Burnett is OUTTTTTTTTA there. Jeremy Accardo is in from the pen. Who? Ah, doesn’t matter. Damon grounds out. Jeter (who by the way, can "do it all" according to kayleexxx@aol.com 🙂 ) grounds out to 2nd. Giambi does the same, Mr. Accardo did just fine for the 1-2-3.

6th Inning: Jaret Wright is OUTTTTTTTTA there too now. Hot night, I can’t blame either tonight. But this is par for the course for Jaret. BUT, this is the best outing I have witnessed by him all year. I take back the Jaret Wrong comment! Ron Villone takes over against Glaus. Glaus pops out to Bobby. Overbay pops out to Melky. Alex Rios is in to pinch hit for Hinske. Didn’t help, flied out to Damon for a 1-2-3 from Villone.
A-Rod leads off, with a single. Then steals 2nd. Abreu flies out to center, A-Rod tags, but then stays at 2nd, resepcting Wells arm. WOW. Posada sends a shot to right and Rios makes a **** of a throw to Zaun at home, who makes a **** of a scoop and a tag to get A-rod out at home. That shouldn’t have happened, but gotta give Toronto credit for good play. Bernie gets walked. Accardo is getting the hook for Brian Tallet. Melky singles, bases loaded! BUT, Cairo flies out, and leaves all the boys on base.

7th Inning: Greg Zaun leads off. The 3-2 gets dealt and sent BACK to Villone faster than it was delivered. Luckily, it landed in his glove, and he held it. You gotta see that one live, wow. GREAT snatch by Ron, but i think it was more about self-preservation than getting an out. 🙂 Aaron Hill takes the 1st pitch for a pop-out to Bobby, then McDonald gets hit by Villone. That will bring in Doctor Proctor. johnson singles to right, 1st and 2nd, 2 outs, Catalanotto up, flies out to Bobby Areu. Damon leads agin, and pops out to short. Jeter singles to bring Pitcher Brandon League in for Brian Tallet. Andy Phillips enters the game, Jeter steals AGAIN! Phillips singles, moving Jeter to 3rd. A-Rod steps up to the plate and grounds out, but Jeter scores! 5-1 Yanks! Abreu grounds out to second. 😦 Don’t disregard what he has done tonight just because he didn’t get any hits! 0-3 but with a run, and he had those great long at bats that wear down pitchers.

8th Inning: Wells leads off and singles to left, only to have Glaus hit into a double play; A-Rod-Cairo-Phillips. Overbay grounds to 1st to retire the side.
Posada leads off and grounds out to 1st. Bernie flies out to left. Cabrera flies out to Wells for the 1-2-3. I can atually hear them in the audio booth cueing up Metallica’s Black Album: Track? Enter Sandman of course….

9th Inning: BUT NO, NO SANDMAN! Kyle Farnsworth enters the game to close it out! Due up? Rios, Zaun, and Hill. Rios grounds out to Jeter. Zaun gives Jeter a little more action, with a little blooper for the 2nd out.Aaron Hill comes to the plate for their last chance, and Farnsworth strikes him out!

The Yankees Win! THEEEEEEEEEEEE Yankes Win! Final score 5-1 Yankees.

The SAWKS lost! that means……..  THE YANKEES ARE IN FIRST PLACE!
Lets hold on to it a little while boyz.


Yankees Player of the Game: I gotta give this one to the guy I thought at the start of my post could hurt us tonight, JARET WRIGHT! Congrats Jaret, and I’m Glad you were the WRIGHT guy tonight, and not the Wrong one. Nice outing.

Runner up: Bernie Williams. The more I think about it, it should have probably gone to Bernie. But I felt so bad for putting down Jaret so hard, I had to give it to him.



OK, this is my first official post on my blog, and it will be short and sweet!

MOOSE is pitching today, and I am so ready to see the Yanks wipe up the Stadium with the D-Rays after Yesterdays debacle. IMHO, Moose IS OUR ACE, NOT RJ! He (Johnson) just isn’t consistent enough, in case you didn’t notice.

I am short on time right this minute, so I must keep this short. Hopefully I can start posting something worth reading in the near future.