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Tommy John Enters the World


OK, I’m exhausted, but excited, so I had to post this real fast before I go to bed.

TOMMY JOHN has entered the world tonight. Obviously I don’t mean the old Yanks pitcher here. Thomas John Spagnolo.

My Wife gave birth on August 4th at 9:37 PM. TJ weighed in at 8 Lbs. 7 Ozs @ 20". Mom and Baby are doing great. What can I say, I’m a proud Papa, again. So I had to brag a little.

Way to go Yanks! Five in a row, and 1 game up in first! Can’t comment on the game, only saw the score. Nice outing Yesterday too, boy am I falling behind! I was real glad about what I heard of Lidle’s 1st outing, and Mr. Wilson sounds like he is fitting in fine. love the new trades so far!