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And now batting for the New York Yankees, Number 53


I didn’t think it would happen until tomorrow, IF it happened!
I didn’t think it would happen without giving up Phil Hughes! Or Eric Duncan for that matter.
Let’s have some applause for Cashman on that one!!! (golf clap)

But wait, there’s more! COREY LIDLE will also be wearing Pinstripes (and not red ones). As a side note case ya didn’t know, Corey grew up with, and played HS ball with Jason Giambi. I hate to use the word "average" when it comes to a starting pitcher, cause that hardly describes what it takes to BE a major league pitcher of any talent level. But I like his numbers more than some pitchers we could have gotten. I know most people would say better him than Jon Lieber, but in truth, I felt it was a mistake letting him go when we could have kept him another year so cheaply.  He gave us a lot last year. But hey, LOTS of pitchers gave us more, and we let THEM go. Anyone remember a guy named Andy Pettitte? But I digress. He should fill in the number 5 spot QUITE nicely. Let’s just hope he doesn’t take the normal NL to AL downhill that most pitchers do. Jaret Wright can chill in the pen. If/When Pavano and Dotel make it here, let things settle where they may. After yesterdays outing, Randy may need a little break a while anyway, so who knows. Corey may be a number 4.

Abreu makes for a little dilemma once Shef and Godzilla get back. But right now, I’d rather too many than too few. Guiel can always be used as…. well I have no idea! I have to assume the lineup in the outfield will be:
Abreu RF
Damon CF
Melky LF
It’s time to use Bernie as a DH against lefties only. This means Giambi will probably play 1st though, maybe too often. I don’t envy Torre in the decision making process here, but I’m sure we can count on him using Bernie more than he should. DISCLAIMER: That was not a Bernie Bash. YES, I love Bernie too…. But not full time any more.

Overall, I am thrilled with the trade. And I can’t say I recall saying that too often the last 2 or 12 years.

We gave up:
C.J. Henry SS
Jesus Sanchez C
Matt Smith LHP
Carlos Monasterios RHP

I’m not discrediting ANY of these guys, I wouldn’t do that. For all I know they could all end up in Coopestown! All solid players, and GOOD prospects. The key here is we retained what we (we=The Yankees, and the fans) consider to be our "top" prospects. We weren’t going to get nothing for nothing! I repeat myself; I a very happy with this trade.

That’s all for now, I just HAD to comment on it once I heard.

CONGRATS TO MOOSE on Win #13!!! It wasn’t the spanking I wanted to give the D-Rays, but it’s a W.